• Music Lovers

    Music Lovers

    Barry Minniefield from The Voice – Performing Live on Main Street! February 1, 5 to 8 pm at First Thursday February 3 & 17, 10 am to 4 pm at Art on Main Street “Barry, man, your soul was off the charts”.   –Christina Aguilera Barry Minniefield was chosen from 100,000 contestants for his extraordinary...

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  • Food Lovers

    Food Lovers

    An Aphrodisiac’s Tour of the Famers’ Market An aphrodisiac is a food or drug that arouses sensual desire. It is an invocation to the powers of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love. You need to look no further than our local Farmers’ Market for these healthy, pleasure-inducing gifts from Nature’s garden. While the list...

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  • Wine Lovers

    Wine Lovers

    If you love wine and wine tasting events, you’ll enjoy The Wine Club at OTLQ’s Wine Emporium.  The Wine Club offers members monthly selections for purchase from its inventory as well as wines not yet available to the general public in its retail Wine Room. The Wine Club offers an exceptional opportunity to try...

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  • A Path Between

    A Path Between

    When two people fall in love, they come from two different paths in life and choose to walk together along a new path. Provided that they walk together in the same direction, and at the same pace, they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses; they make adaptations to each other’s lives, and perhaps,...

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  • The Love Issue

    The Love Issue

    Inspired by Valentine’s Day we’ve created The Love Issue, but we’ve broadened our definition to celebrate dog lovers, art lovers, wine lovers, food lovers, music lovers, chocolate lovers, and of course, timeless and true romantic love. Learn how to make a relationship last from artist Lungala Rubidiri’s African teaching story, “A Path Between”.  Consider...

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  • Happy New Year! Celebrate & Then Get Healthy With Us…

    Happy New Year! Celebrate & Then Get Healthy With Us…

    Happy 2018! Along with a new website, our newsletter is now digital and we hope you’ll enjoy monthly updates from OTLQ about events and healthy lifestyle, health, fashion and beauty trends. In keeping with the New Year, our January letter features healthy new starts and deals on first experiences at select shops and restaurants....

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  • Enjoy Olive Oil Tastings & Learn the Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Enjoy Olive Oil Tastings & Learn the Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    According to Reuters Health, just a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil helps cholesterol go down! The study indicated that adults who consumed nearly two tablespoons of virgin olive oil daily for one week showed less oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and higher levels of healthy anti-oxidant compounds, particularly phenols in the blood. Not...

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  • Artist Diane McClary at Art on Main Street

    Artist Diane McClary at Art on Main Street

    Diane McClary is a gifted La Quinta plein air artist who has honed her work over four decades. She is well known for her scenic and still life paintings that reveal masterful attention to the effects of light and color. The brilliant interplay of these two key elements along with her innate understanding that...

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