A Path Between

When two people fall in love, they come from two different paths in life and choose to walk together along a new path. Provided that they walk together in the same direction, and at the same pace, they learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses; they make adaptations to each other’s lives, and perhaps, this is why the colors that they wear are so similar.

As they walk together, they think about the love that they share and where this love takes them, rather than where they came from and where they met.

Before they met, each of them had a path of their own.  He knew his, and she knew hers, and yet they both chose to give up “something” they knew, to start a journey together along a path unknown to either of them.

However, they make this journey and this path the most beautiful experience for both of them, because they walk with love, trust and commitment. So much love that even when the path gets narrow, they never turn back.  On the “narrow” days, they talk about needing space from each other, because the pressures of the “narrow” path squeeze them together.

One of them could lead the way, and the other follow; but because of their love for each other, on such days one chooses to carry the other.  For example, when the man carries the lady, he uses his strength to help the relationship, and shows his commitment to the lady; and when in his arms the lady learns to trust him – since no one wants to be carried by someone they don’t trust.  And when the man is tired, he must confide in the lady and tell her of his weakness, so that she does the carrying and he learns, in turn, to trust her for her commitment and strength.

Carrying does not need to go on for too long, for the path always begins to widen… and it gets so wide that the couple has room to walk side by side again, renewed in this love, and blossoming in this commitment.

Indeed, Love, brings people together from different places…. and love takes them to the very same place. Yes, they each come with a past, which having learned from, they must let go. And as they walk to the future together in Love, the sun and all blessings shine on them!

Meet Lungala Rubidiri and view Paul Nzambala’s art at Art on Main Street on Saturday, February 3rd from10 am to 4 pm. Each image has a teaching story depicted symbolically and masterfully told by Lungala himself. For more information contact Shelley Glickstein, Director of Art on Main Street at shelleyglickstein@ymail.com.

Story by Lungala Rubadiri


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